40 oz Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle

Hydro Flask 40 oz Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle Reviews

From epic road trips to endless hours at the beach, our 40 oz Wide Mouth Bottle keeps you hydrated from sun up to sun down. This version is equipped with our Wide Mouth Straw Lid for easy sipping. TempShield™ double wall insulation makes sure your water stays ice cold or piping hot, no matter what it’s doing outside. And thanks to the larger 40 oz size, you can keep the adventure going longer, which means more car karaoke and more beachfront belly flops, all with fewer pit stops to refill your bottle.


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Hydroflask is the best

You can’t go wrong!

Love my hydro flask!!

Absolutely love my hydro flask never go anywhere with out it. Just make sure you have a sponge that can really get in this guy to clean properly. Keeps my water ice cold even in the desert.

Hydration Station

Bought the 40 oz to help as a reminder to drink water throughout the day. I usually take it to work and aim to drink about 3 refills worth.

I can fill it up with ice water and still expect it to be cold the next morning. My flask is 2.5 years old and still holding strong!

Best Water Bottle for Adventurers!

I absolutely love my Hydroflask 40oz bottle. It keeps ice cold when I am out guiding people on long kayak paddles and horseback rides. It stands up to daily use of getting thrown from backpack to saddlebag. It’s washed nicely in the dishwasher and comes out clean with no smells regardless of what beverage I put in it.

A larger water bottle, that also keeps your water cold!

I’m always thirsty... as a fitness instructor, living an active life and as a nursing mom. This 40 oz water bottle will last me for a full fitness class, so I don’t have to fill-up halfway through!

What’s not to love?

Man, I love Hydro Flask water bottles. I used to have a glass water bottle that looked cool, but broke faster than you can say, ‘Sheesh, I’m parched!’

I ran across these on an adventure in San Diego last year and couldn’t resist them. They’re seemingly indestructible as I’ve dropped mine on pretty much every surface you can imagine. The wee dents just add character in my option.

On my 40 oz I have the flip up straw which also works a treat and is a cinch to cut yourself and install. Liquids hold their temp for an unusually long time as well. So if you load this up with some ice and water, you’ll find that ice hangs around for nearly 48 hours! Just outstanding.

Also, another cool tip is to get the rubber bottom accessory. It’s quiet in a meeting as you clatter it on the table and if you go with the grey one like me, that little rubber boot makes my water bottle look like a wee 1970’s scuba tank!


Love this hydroflask I have the straw attachment on it and it works perfect. Keeps ice in your beverage all day.

This is the best water bottle!! Keeps drinks cold for a crazy amount of time. Only downside is that is a little bit heavy due to the “double walled insulation”.

Omg Hydroflask is the best keeps my water cold cold. And ice. It hasn’t disappointed.

Best water bottle I’ve ever had

Truly the best water bottle I’ve ever owned. I left it in my car once and when I came back from my hike 4 hours later there was still ice in it. It keeps everything really cool which is amazing when you’re going for a hot summer hike or just walking around town.

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