32 oz Wide Mouth

Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth Reviews

Big enough for a whole day in the backcountry, our 32 oz Wide Mouth bottle is made with professional-grade stainless steel and a wider opening for faster fill. And because it’s designed with TempShield™ double wall vacuum insulation, it keeps your ice water refreshingly ice cold up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot up to 12. Which means you’ll always have the perfect temperature drink.


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Love it!

I have tried them all brand wise and this is by far the best.

My savior

Literally everywhere I go, my Hydroflask goes. It’s truly a lifesaver! Besides Hydroflask being the hero that it is when you’re dehydrated it also helps contribute in saving the environment! Less plastic consumption! Also you’re spending less because you’re not constantly buying Water bottles. Everything is a plus in this product. Keeps my water cool and protected, can last forever even from high drops, it still works! The Hydroflask is also a good weapon to have on you! Defend yourself with a Hydroflask. There’s too much to say about this product I could go on forever but this is probably enough for you to convince yourself to snag one!

Hydro flask

I have several different hydoflask products. They all work awesome keeping my hot stuff hot for many hours and my cold things cold. Highly recommend them to friends.


I love Hydro Flasks and use this 32 Oz size for the gym and hiking as I find it’s the right amount but I also have the 1.9L wide mouth hydro flask that I use for hot days and paddling adventures.

Water flask

Love this product. Keeps my water so cold. It’s great.

Awesome but heavy

This is an awesome bottle. Keeps stuff cold, and it’s wide mouth makes it easy to enjoy hot soup anywhere. ( as it keep hot stuff hot as well. - tho not as long as it keeps stuff cold)
I own two this size, but honestly never take them hiking, as they just add weight!
But for everyday, it’s awesome!


This water bottle has stood the test of time and is my go to. It’s in the car, tent, hammock... wherever I go and is safe to use. And of course, the best part is jazzin’ it up with some stickers from your favorite spots.

32 oz Hydroflask

I love all my hydroflask products! This one is definitely my favorite though. Stays cold for hours. Ice stays intact for hours. And it’s just the perfect size. 4 of these bad boys equals a gallon a day!

I love my Hydroflask!

This flask keeps your water chilly! I love
This bottle!

Hydro flask

My go to water bottle for the gym! I love how it keeps liquids cold; even in the hottest of temperatures. For hiking and backpacking though, I prefer carrying either a nalgene or camelbak; as they are lighter.

Light weight bottle that stores a lot of water

I love this bottle because it doesn’t add a lot of weight to your backpack while hiking. The bottle doesn’t sweat. Some people dislike the wide mouth because it is easily spilled, but I don’t mind. They also have attachments you can put on to make the drinking hole smaller.

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