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Shoulder straps with suspension, adjustable side compression straps and waist belt are included to make carrying heavy loads feel lighter by distributing the weight of the gear around your entire torso. Large main compartments and multiple pockets allow you to keep all of your gear secure and organized. A fully padded CushionZone laptop compartment accommodates most 17-inch models. The rain cover is stored in a hidden compartment at the bottom of the bag.

Product Reviews

Best everyday laptop backpak!

My first year of college I bought one of these. I don't remember exactly why I chose it, but I think it was probably on sale, as I tent to be frugal. Once I started using it I came to love it. There are two large compartments, which helped me stay organized. It has a secure laptop sleeve (and newer models include a smaller additional sleeve for tablets), an outlet pocket for organizing pens, thumb drives, and other small objects, adjustable straps, etc. All of this is pretty standard for most computer backpacks, but this one also has a built in rain cover. I went to college in New Orleans, which has a monsoon season. That rain cover saved my laptop and my homework on multiple occasions.
This is such a great backpack that when it finally wore out, I purchased a new one of the same model. They've updated the design slightly, but all the features I love remain the same or improved.

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