Zulu 35 Pack - Women's

Gregory Zulu 35 Pack - Women's Reviews

Big enough for sunup to sundown adventures, the generously sized Zulu 35 is light and agile thanks to the FreeFloat dynamic suspension. Paired with the adjustable torso length, the comfort of the FreeFloat suspension is unmatched.

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Zulu 35

I’ve had mixed feelings about this backpack. I find that it makes my back sore and at times it feels a bit over engineered. But I also REALLY like all the pockets and facets of the pack. I took mine to Thailand and easily fit two weeks worth of clothes + souvenirs into it. The wear and tare has been almost non existent, it’s held up really well. I’ve used it to summit a couple of smaller peaks like south sister and felt it had adequate space. It’s my go to pack for hauling my climbing gear out to walls and I’ve also used it to hike around with my cat and he fits in there just right too. Hah.

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