Maya 16L Backpack - Women's

Gregory Maya 16L Backpack - Women's Reviews

Flying across a 2,7 km Colorado ridgeline in July, the last thing you want to be thinking about is your backpack. That’s why we made the Maya 16: to carry a rain shell, lunch, first aid, water, and all the odd accessories you bring on warp-speed hikes, and to hug your body like a bear cub as you bounce from boulder to boulder.

Product Reviews

Great for day Hikes

I'v owned this bag for 2 years now and it's very sturdy and durable. I've used this bag for most of my day hikes. From a short 3 hour hikes to 12 hour hikes! The bag isn't very big but it's big enough to put in a 3L bladder and take extra clothing (for when it's cold) and food for the hike. Since I'm only 4'10 it's the perfect size for me and it's very light. It also has extra pocket at the front for my climbing gloves for scrambling.

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