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Say hello to HERO7, the perfect partner on any adventure. It's tough, tiny and totally waterproof so it can go wherever you do. An intuitive touch screen makes it simple to get great shots. Just swipe and tap. Use the photo timer to grab a sweet selfie.

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Nice upgrade from previous version but...

I owned GoPro Hero4 silver prior to purchasing Hero7 Black so it seemed as a great upgrade.
The picture quality is great (better than my iPhone7) and it takes nice and vibrant photos outdoors which i love. Especially when going for a hike, when I don’t bother carrying my heavy DSLR camera.
I also love the time lapse and hypersmooth features. I’m not an expert or sport crazy person, but every now and then i like to make short clips or videos to share with friends and family.
This GoPro connects via GoPro app and photos are almost instantly viewed on your phone, which is a great plus.
I also like that when I’m somewhere by myself, i can take selfies by using voice commands, or make a short video clip and then extract a photo from that clip. Makes it much easier for group photos too, just record a clip and turn it into photos in the app.

What I don’t like, however, is that camera does overheat in warm (80+) weather, battery doesn’t last in colder weather (skiing), and my camera freezes on me every now and then. I have to pull the battery out and insert it back in to get the gopro working again.
Also, when i was snorkeling in Hawaii, i realized that while you can take videos under water, taking pictures can be more annoying as the touch screen is very sensitive under water and keeps changing modes or jumping into settings when going under water and above water.

I feel like the picture and video quality is great and beyond my needs. But it’s not very reliable as battery seems to drain at random times. While at home, it will be in off mode for weeks and still work later. When i take it outside and take couple pictures, i might find it drained couple hours later. (I keep all extras off, no Connectivity or gps and completely shut off). It might be that i have a faulty item or it might be an issue with more GoPros. This camera is rated for extreme sports, so it should act like one. It’s annoying when it freezes mid dive or 30 minutes into ski day.

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