Empire ACC Cycling Shoes

Giro Empire ACC Cycling Shoes Reviews

The Giro Empire ACC Cycling Shoes are the lace-up shoe all others are compared to. It defines the category. It’s not only the fit, but the wrap of the upper, the stiffness of the sole, the adjustability of the footbed, and the durability of the heel pad.

When Taylor Phinney debuted these at the Giro d’Italia several years’ back, people were rightly confused; it looked like he was racing in casual kicks. Hardly. Giro deployed their EC90 ACC Carbon-Fiber sole under the upper, making it one of the stiffest shoes in the peloton. Also among the lightest at 215g for a 42.5 sample.

The reason people like these is the ability to fine-tune. The laces make for seven points of adjustability. You can precisely adapt the upper to points where your foot has low and high volume relative to the last. And thanks to the virtually stretch-free one-piece Premium Evofiber upper, the laces can be set at the beginning of the ride and stay for the distance. There’s a laces loop you can tuck the laces under, and if you like the precision of laces, but don’t like making knots, you can install a cord-lock to keep things tight.

Inside, Giro has included their Supernatural Fit System insole, which comes with arch inserts to move the arch up or down so it meets your feet.

The Giro Empire ACC Cycling shoes come with shoe bag and spare laces. The exterior heel pad is replaceable.

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