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Garmin Fenix 5 Smart Watch Reviews

Offering a long-awaited refresh to the popular Fenix 3, the Garmin Fenix 5 retains all the popular sport-tracking capabilities of the Fenix 3, but in a sleeker 47-millimeter case with easier swapping of wrist straps. Instead of messing with tools to change out the strap, the Fenix 5 now offers the ability to swap QuickFit bands with a simple click. This allows you to seamlessly transfer from the workday routine to afternoon workout without messing with screws, especially when you're in your office or vehicle.

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It also tells time. And your position on the earth.

Features that justify price:

This is just the sapphire and stainless steel version, and it was 700 on sale when I got it. The titanium version is around 1000.
GPS : with this baby, we'll never be lost! (Especially attractive trackback mode where the watch will guide you back to the start of your run/hike/walk/swim/bike/triathlon/dunebuggy death race via the fastest trails or you can choose to retrace your steps exactly
All the sports: seriously, all the sports. And if you play an obscure sport, just create your own custom activity. Like curling. I made one to time and measure the temp during my cold exposure sessions.
Connectivity: connects to Garmin inReach emergency GPS units. Rad. Also connects to my dog tracking device the Alpha 100 so I can find my dig even if my dog controller is packed away. Also, your phone! Reading texts from your watch is great for work and endurance sports. Also reply with preset messages.
Music: I use spotify, but there is also iheart radio and they added Deezer recently? Yup, music straight from your wrist. But also, you have the option the control your phone music if you prefer.
Durability : I used to have a beloved suunto core. I loved it. It's a rad watch. I destroyed it in a few months. The Garmin fenix line is tough. My buddy accidentally got molten slag on his, (don’t ask) the watch is fine. Little slag speckles cooled on his watch face, really lends to the asthetic.
Battery life: I got the fenix 5X plus vs other fenix 5 models because of the battery life. You're looking at about 24 hrs of continuous, power sucking GPS contact. In regular watch mode, it's days and ddays.even longer if you don’t have it constantly monitoring Heart Rate and spO2.Takes a little under 4 hours to charge 0-100 percent in my experience.

Features that make me sad

Garmin pay: works with very few banks. It's dumb. I don’t know why they didn’t just partner with paypal. If you have bank of America you're in luck, though.

Cadence. It measures my running cadence lower than actual based on a metronome. Garmin sells additional devices like the HRM strap to give you more precise biometrics and running data. The watch alone is more than enough to start using HR and cadence, etc. But if you're a data junkie, maybe get more sensors later.

Best feature of all time: Find your phone. I lose my phone constantly, and just hitting a button makes it ring and flash and saves me minutes to hours of searching. This feature alone will pay for itself in time saved over the lifetime of my watch. I lose everything. Except my watch because its tied to me.

There are more things the watch does... more apps than I will ever be able to use available on the app store. I like the one that tells you how far away your uber is....

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