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Technically advanced trekking trousers with optimised fit and carefully planned details. Intended for alpine trekking that requires climbing - where mobility is just as important as durability and protection from sharp stones, etc. For this purpose the rear and knees are pre-shaped and have extra strong seams. The trousers also have durable G-1000® Eco at the rear, front of the legs, the knees and on the inside bottom of the legs, where there is also a second layer of fabric for reinforcement against wear from hiking boots. The seam on the inside of the thigh has been moved and replaced by a connecting fabric panel to reduce the risk of chafing and wear. A zippered ventilation opening from knee to hip and along the calf releases excess heat. The trouser fly is also extended to enable extra ventilation. Two leg pockets with pocket cover flap, one with a zip and one with a mesh pocket inside for bits and bobs. High hand pockets hold their contents even when sitting down. Strap adjustment with button fastening at trouser end plus hook to secure to ski boot or hiking boot.

Product Reviews

Best trousers I ever owned as they are so comfortable and so well designed. I wear them for everything from ski-touring to trekking to mountainbiking and even out at night as they need minimal maintenance and look good all the time. The air vents are so useful. There is a hook at bottom of the pants that can be used to lock pants onto shoelaces serving as gaitors. The pants have tougher material around knees and those parts where there is more wear and tear so I feel they will last forever. They are sturdy, practical, comfortable - perfect travel pants.

Best Outdoor Pants Around

I cannot say enough great things about the these pants. Fjallraven put a lot of thought into making these. They are extreme on features:
🔹 G1000 waterproof material where you need it and stretch material where you don't want the extra bulk or heat
🔹 Air vents on the side of both thighs and calves
🔹 Boot clips that face outward to avoid accidentally catching bare toenails
🔹 Pockets in all the right places, with inetrior pockets within
🔹 Adjustable ankles straps to help keep the critters out
🔹 Secret hidden pockets at the knees for knee pads
🔹 Accessory belt loops along with regular belt loops
🔹 So many more....

I wouldn't suggest these for outdoor activities in the dead heat of summer unless you need the ruggedness. They are warm, but the air vents give a good air conditioned feel when needed. I would prefer some mesh at the air vents to help keep the bugs out though. These pants will very likely be the last pair of outdoor pants I will ever need to purchase. They are well worth the investment. And besides...they make you look instantly badass!

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