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While some approaches barely involve an approach at all, should you encounter a multi-mile hike out to your chosen crag, the Five Ten Guide Tennie is a worthy choice. This low-profile, lightweight shoe has a Stealth C4 sole—the same ultra-sticky rubber that's found on Five Ten climbing shoes. This shoe's incredible friction will make the approach slabs to Half Dome a walk in the park. Whether you're making a quick run up another North Cascades ridge climb or slacklining in Camp 4, your feet will be happy in the Guide Tennie.

Product Reviews

The 5.10 Guide tennie is a hard approach shoe to beat!
This shoe has had an impact on the climbing community like no other. If you have ever walked around a climbing camp anywhere in the world, I’m sure you have seen these shoes on someones feet.
Sporting an awesome leather construction and 5.10 stealth rubber sole, they will keep you going for miles and miles. They excel on all day climbing missions and long approaches, as well as just cruising around town.
I have had my guide tennies now for over 2 years and they are still going. I wear them almost every day! I do everything from working as a professional climbing guide, crag hoping, hiking, mountain biking or hanging around in them. With their heavy duty construction these shoes are sweet for 4th class scrambles and even lower 5 class climbing. The stealth rubber sole and somewhat stiff platform also make them fairly decent at edging. Somewhere they do shine is with any crack climbing needs. They hold very well in foot jams and are super comfy. The only disadvantage to these shoes are their weight.
Weighing 13.2 oz each, they are not the most compact or light approach shoe on the market. But with all their other amazing features and performance abilities, I believe you will love them even despite their extra weight.
If you are looking for a great all around approach shoe that has shown a history of performance and relatability, then check out the 5.10 guide tennnie. You won’t be disappointed!

Great for personal use and professionals

I am really happy about these shoes. I’ve used them consistently for about 4 years now and they’re just now showing signs of wear. I have never slipped on rock in the time that I’ve owned them. They are well worth the investment.
The one thing I will say against them however is that they feel a bit clunky at first until you get used to them.
I think the next pair of guide shoes I get will be a bit lower profile.
That being said, they have my full recommendations.

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