Eureka Spire LX Camp Stove

Eureka Spire LX Camp Stove

Rotary ignition for easy and consistent lighting

Jetboil engineered simmer control valve for ultimate precision and control

Each high-output burner delivers 10,000 BTUs of cooking power to meet all the needs of campsite cooking

Burners are spaced so you can use 10" and 12" pots side-by-side and the Spire LX has a removable lid, which is handy if you have a really big pot

Removable top grate allows for easy cleaning of the stainless steel drip tray

Windscreen on each side protects your flame for consistent output

Rugged bumpers on each corner protect the stove against bumps

Nonslip rubber feet prevent the stove from sliding on slick surfaces and these feet are adjustable so you can level the stove on any surface

Stoves can be daisy chained from one to another for the ultimate camp kitchen

Chassis, lid and windscreens are durable steel; the cooking grate is nickel plated steel

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