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Sneak away and unwind beneath the trees in the ENO® DoubleNest Hammock. This outdoor hammock offers unparalleled relaxation for one but is roomy enough for two. Easily fold it up into the compression stuff sack for storage or transport. Made of breathable and quick-drying nylon, the DoubleNest Hammock is comfortable and strong enough to hold 400 lbs. Set it up anywhere in the great outdoors with the aluminum wiregate carabiners.


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Product Questions

Mary Kevin H.  Mary Kevin H.: I'm looking for a two person hammock and having the hardest time deciding between a few options. This is at the top of my list so far; can you tell me why you chose this hammock over other brands? How long have you had it and how durable has it been? Does it pack up nice and small and is it easy to set up? Thanks so much!
Sloane T.  Sloane T.: I love my hammock and it’s held up really well over the years. I think I’ve had it for 3 or 4 years now.
It does pack up nice and compact. However the straps can be very heavy to carry with you. If you are going in a multiple day backpacking trip and bringing it just for comfort at camp I would look into using climbing rope or something else for the straps to reduce the weight.
Amanda J.  Amanda J.: I have the ENO double hammock and the Grand Trunk double hammock and I love both! The hammock itself for both brands is great quality and packs down fast and easy and is perfect to clip to the outside of a pack. With that being said I like the caribiners that the ENO hammock come with more. The ones on the Grand Trunk hammock snag the fabric. I do use trunk straps for both instead of the straps they come with and they are awesome!
Haley D.  Haley D.: It packs up very quickly into a small attached pouch and is durable and comfy. I take it everywhere with me if there is even the slightest chance of finding trees to hang it from. I've bought knock off versions which are fine for the kids to mess around with, but the ENO is superior if you're really looking to use it backpacking or on long trips with adults.
Kimberly F.  Kimberly F.: I got this one on a recommendation from a friend at camp, she said that it was comfortable to put two people in for sitting or laying and she couldn't be more right. I've used it on an overnight with friends who don't have all their own gear and we were both able to sleep comfortably and I've used it for casual hammocking around my college campus and my friends and I have shared it both with laptops and textbooks next to us with room to spare. It's sturdy and easy to set up and has handled everything my friends and I have thus far thrown at it (including some aggressive swinging). I also liked the color and pattern options. They're also readily available at just about any outdoors store.
Jennifer D.  Jennifer D.: All of what she said absolutely! I’ve had mine for about 5 years and don’t really take care of it. It’s been on backpacking trips and trips to the park and still no rips! Very sturdy!
Ashley S.  Ashley S.: I feel like the Eno is built better structurally. The connections between the hammock and carabiner. The seems in the fabric seem more sturdy. It BERY durable. Holds up against snags hitting branches and sticks. Packs down small enough for my liking. Can take backpacking. Sets up SUPER easy and way easy to take down and fold back into the self contained sleeve. Which to me is HUGE. Some others come with a separate bag which, is easy to lose. That bag also doubles as a phone/supply holder which you can use to fold over you (when single use) to keep you protected from the elements. They dry quick and don’t stay dirty. And soooooooo many colors! Hopes this helps!
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Product Reviews

Great Hammock

I absolutely love this hammock! Makes you feel secure & spacious enough to sleep in. Eno makes great products!

Perfect nap time

These hammocks are great, absolutely amazing to lay in for a mid day nap.
I’m sure they’re equally great for sleeping instead of using the tent. But for me it gets much to cold.
Please note the hammock and straps are very heavy, so not typically ideal for longer treks unless you skip the tent

Fantastic Hammock

Lightweight & compact for hiking & spacious enough to fit me and my boyfriend comfortably!

Great Hammock!

Comfortable and large enough for two people. Or in my case, myself and my large Labrador retriever! Great for any outdoor adventure.

Solid hammock

I’ve had mine for about three years and it has held up great. Even being stuffed with my boyfriend my dog and myself.

Hammock happy

I love the eno double hammock. It can hang literally anywhere. The double size is great because it can sit two people. Or if you want to sleep/hammock camp in it, the bigger size allows you to fold the hammock over yourself to keep bugs out. Very cozy.

It’s about how you use it

The double is very large for one person, making it great for lounging around but still being deep down in a hammock with no peripherals. With two people, it can be very fun for a short time. Unless you are perfectly positioned every time, there is a tension point running directly down the middle that causes a rather uncomfortable divider to come between the two people causing possible uncomfortable situations

Double nest perfect size for two

... but to be honest , two in a hammock will always be cramped , so make sure you REALLY like the person you’re sharing it with lol
I’ve had mine for several years and feel like I don’t take care of it all all- yet it remains tear-free.
Use the single nest to shave weight when hiking

Comfortable hammock

We love our Eno hammock! It is perfect for two people, one person and a furry friend, or just for yourself if you want some extra room to spread out

Great Product

Want to hang around in your backyard with your significant other? This is perfect. Want to avoid a tent and sleep under the stars instead? This works great for that too. It's heavy, so not the best for backcountry trips, but an all around good product.

My family loves this hammock. Super lightweight and soft, it’s really comfortable and easy to transport. Hard to believe such thin fabric can be so strong but after watching my kids wrestle in it for entire weekends with no damage, I’m sold!

Best swing ever

We bought this hammock for camping little did we know our kids would love to use it as a swing! It’s super easy to put up and packs up very compact. Best of all it will keep your kids engaged and entertained while you make dinner.

Absolutely love this hammock. Fabric is soft but SO TOUGH. stays clean even when you drag it through the dirt. Plenty but for 2 people to sit or snuggle. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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