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The Rain Wrap offers ultralight, functional rain coverage and is a great accessory for any hike. The Rain Wrap is made with waterproof 15D silnylon fabric, which offers durability and weather protection. A shock cord waist allows you to customize the fit, and snaps allow you to vent as needed and give you a full range of movement.

You can put on the Rain Wrap without taking off your pack, and it’s easy to remove once the rain stops. The Rain Wrap has tie-out loops so you can also use it as a small tarp or ground cloth. When you’re not wearing the Rain Wrap, it packs down tiny and will fit just about anywhere so you can reach it at a moment’s notice.



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Forget rain pants, you need a rain wrap!

The rain wrap is the absolute answer for those who can't deal with rain pants! When it's 90 degrees and the thunder starts clapping, I no longer need to hesitate when putting on my rain gear!With the Enlightened Equipment Rain Wrap, I don't have to sacrifice breathability for some dryness in a downpour. Easy to throw on over whatever you have on, comfortable to hike and move around in, and doesn't way you down. This thing weighs next to nothing and packs down super small.its also super versatile - you can also use it as a ground cloth to keep your other things clean, and it has tie-outs that allow you to use it as a small tarp! Great value for the price.

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