Vecto 2L Water Container

CNOC Outdoors Vecto 2L Water Container Reviews

The Vecto is a soft, 2 liters (68 oz), collapsible water container. The patent-pending dual opening system allows for easy filling from a wide opening on one side and a narrow mouthpiece on the other. Use the Vecto for drinking or as part of a water filtration system with particular Sawyer, HydroBlu and LifeStraw filters.

Product Reviews

I have the first generation of this Water container - main difference is the cap and the slider are not attached. That being said, this is a piece of gear that I literally take on every hike. It's lightweight, packs down small, and is almost bombproof. I find the 2L version to be the perfect size for me, as I also carry 2 1-liter smart water bottles. Throw in a Sawyer Squeeze and you have the perfect water filtration kit!

Loved this thing!!

I used the 2018 Cnoc Vecto 2L water bladder for the first 400 miles of my Appalachian Trail thru-hike. The large end opens to let in water even if the flow isn’t great. It folds down and has a zip top that doesn’t leak. The small end easily screws onto a Sawyer filter.
I was amazed too at how much pressure it could handle! The material is super-strong and is pop-proof! It should be cleaned every so often because it gets slimy and affects the taste of the water.
I stored this in the mesh of my backpack, and one day it got punctured by a stick. I really should have replaced it, because it was one of my favorite pieces of gear. I highly recommend it!!

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