B17 Narrow Bike Saddle

Brooks England B17 Narrow Bike Saddle Reviews

If practice makes perfect, then the 101 years of design experience that have gone into the Brooks Heritage B17 Narrow Saddle should make it pretty darn near perfect. A variation of the classic B17, this saddle fits well with thoroughbred racing cycles thanks to a narrow profile that offers freedom of thigh movement. Despite a narrow profile, this saddle offers classic Brooks quality with a leather cover and tough steel rails.

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The Brooks brothers of Bike Saddles

Perfect saddle for your steed. 

I  run this saddle on my gravel bike but would recommend it for all less aggressive riders/bikes. This is the type of saddle that only gets better with time (like a fine wine) as the leather gradually gets worn to the contour of your Arse. 

Keep in mind when riding you want to make sure the bony part of your glute sits on the wider most part of the saddle and you’re not slipping in either a forward or backward direction. If you feel yourself adjusting frequently during the ride try adjusting the angle of the saddle. 

For optimal result continue to moisturize the leather with leather ointment to ensure it lives a long and healthy life.

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