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Don't let rugged terrain get the best of you or your knees. You'll be able to power through the tough spots and leg-grinding downhills like a champ with the help of the Black Diamond Trail Pro Trekking Poles. They feature a tough aluminum shaft and new FlickLock Pro adjustability system that's now lighter, stronger, and easier to use. This adjustable system is paired with Black Diamond's SmashLock quick release technology that allows you to quickly deploy the telescoping pole and lock it into place with an audible click. Whatever terrain you find yourself in, you'll be as steady and sure-footed as a mountain goat, courtesy of interchangeable rubber and carbide tips, a women-specific dual-density grip and padded strap, and soft, ergonomic rubber grip that's ideal for switchbacks and steep trails. The Trail Pro weighs in just over one pound per pair, so you'll hardly even notice them in your hands or lashed to your pack.


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I needed pôles to avoid falling with my baby on the Appalachians

I never used poles before I had a baby 3 years ago. I did not care about falling on rocks carying only my bag. But when I tought about going hiking 3 days on the Appalachians with my 9 months old baby in my bag I tought it could help to have poles and it did. It was one of the most wonderful experience I lived. Great views, loving nature, and of course and those poles made me feel more secure.

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