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This rugged, fully waterproof workhorse for foul conditions and big adventures now features 350 lumens of power and three different colored night vision modes. The redesigned lighting profile offers improved peripheral lighting for close-range activities like cooking, reading or sorting gear, and the Storm also features our Brightness Memory, which allows you to turn the light on and off at a chosen brightness without reverting back to full power.


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Product Questions

Cory B.  Cory B.: I'm looking for a headlamp for early morning trail running. Have you found this headlamp to be on the heavier or lighter side? And does it stay in place well during vigorous activity? Also wondering what your experience has been with the battery life and durability - how long have you have the headlamp and have you found it's quality has been maintained or has it decreased over time at all? Thank you!
Nathan K.  Nathan K.: Hey! So off the bat I’d say the headlamp is on the heavier side for black diamond headlamps. They make lighter and less featured ones that I think would be good for trail running. Check out the Spot, Astro, and Cosmo. And if you’re looking for rechargeable, check out the Revolt. They also have one called the sprinter, which is small and lightweight, but has the battery pack at the back of the head. As for battery, it’s seen hours of use, a lot on full brightness and is still holding up. For build quality, I have owned several bd headlamps and have never had a problem with build quality or durability. Also I forgot to add, the storm is ip67 water proof rated ( I think that’s the right term).
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Product Reviews

Bright, plenty of features.

By far the nicest headlamp I have owned. Variable brightness, white, red green, and blue lighting, a spot light and wide light mode, and a special little hidden button on the side for a quick boost to max brightness if you need it rather than holding the main button down and waiting. There are battery charge indicator lights on the side as well to let you know when they are getting low.

Great Multi-Use Headlamp

This lamp is incredibly versatile ! I've taken it caving and also used it to set up camp in the middle of the night. Easy to use and has several modes (bright, dim, three colors, etc.) It can angle to avoid blinding others.

Recommended if you're looking for an upgrade from a standard headlamp.

All arounder that keeps me seeing in the dark

Quick and Dirty: This is my go to headlamp. While it is not really bright enough for mountain biking or snowboarding at night, it does the job for everything else! The Storm is light weight (4oz), waterproof up to 1m and submersible for 30m. There are red, blue, and green lights for hunters, or those wishing not to light up the whole forest. Coming in at 350 lumens, it casts a beam of about 85m, and is pretty much the torch bearer for headlights on the market (at this lumen category). 

More detailed review:

How I tested it: I have used this headlamp for a bit of everything. Over the past 3 years, I have probably used it 150 times. I have used it for taking leisurely walks at night on unlit trails, finding things in dark spaces, rock climbing as the sun goes down, general camping, and splitboarding. I have used it in the rain, but never tested the 1m deep waterproof claims.

Overall rating: I'd buy again

Green friendliness: It is a durable lamp, so it will last a long time, and they are common, so it is easy to find used.

What I like about it:

- Light weight
- Water proof
- enough lumens to light up the road
- Easy to use dimming feature
- comfortable on the head (great headband)

What I dislike about it:

- Hard to switch between the colors
- Complicated system of tapping, holding buttons, multi pressing buttons to change the settings.


The nitty gritty: 

I really like this headlight. I have used it for so many different things in the past 3 years, that I really do not have much to complain about. The headlight is light weight, feels good on the head, and has a cool bevel feature that allows me to tilt the lamp up and down, depending on whether I need light directly in front of me or a bit further out.

I have never really made use of all the colored lights, partly because I don't really know what they are used for (I don't hunt), and partly because I find the system to change between light colors a bit complex. You have to double tap the power button, or is it one short and one long tap?, either way, I find it confusing and hard to remember for whatever reason.

One feature that I do find nifty is that you can tap the side of the lamp with a finger to dim or brighten the light. I found this quite useful while climbing at night, so I did not have to hold down the power button to change the brightness, which is the other way to do it.

There is enough light to go for a hike, a run, or climbing. Essentially there is enough light to do sports that don't fly you down a mountain at fast speeds. I have used this light for splitboard touring under a full moon, and while there was enough light for skinning up, I would have liked more for the going down. I have used this also on new moons, and the descents have been terrifying. I have even resorted to putting an additional lamp on a ski pole, so that I have two light beams. 

Long story short, this light is not meant to turn night to day, but rather to provide you a beam that can shoot out about 85m and provide reasonable lighting for most activities. Coming in at 4oz, it is quite light for the lumens (350). If you are looking for a new headlight, I can fully recommend this for most situations.

Honestly, I have used some of the ultra lightweight headlamps, like the Petzl e+LITE, but the light is just so meek, it is not worth it. This headlamp is a bit heavier, but doesn't take up much more space. It has so far proven to be very durable. If you are clumsy like me, don't worry, this thing can be dropped about 1,001 times, and keep on pumping out the light. The durability also means that this is a great used gear buy!

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