Raven Ice Axe

Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe Reviews

The Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe is designed to give you the greatest comfort and ease of use possible. The ergonomic, stainless steel head has a flat top and hourglass shape at its connection to the shaft. This creates a shape that's comfortable to hang onto and allows fast transition to self-arrest. The Raven's pick shape is very secure in self-arrest, and the large adze makes the dismal job of chopping a belay ledge a little more bearable. You're going to be walking for days with your ice axe. The Raven's comfortable head will make all the difference.

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Length of axe needed is based on height. This is going to be your standard basic mountaineering axe. This is meant to be used for glacier travel not ice climbing. You need curved ice axes for ice climbing.

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