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Black Diamond's PosiWire Quickdraw combines the Positron's snag-free carabiner for the bolt and a light HotWire carabiner for your climbing rope. The HotWire has an open-angled nose so you can clip your rope quickly, and the Positron has a keylock nose so the carabiner doesn't snag on bolts while cleaning. Black Diamond placed a StraightJacket retainer on the durable dogbone to stabilize the HotWire for even easier clipping.


Clinton Gina

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Positively Wicked

All time favourite quickdraws, light enough to drag an entire harness full up a rock face, simple and clean design make them easy to use when pumped and stress and they also look stunning.

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Perfect for your proj

These are definitely not the lightest draws, but they're strong, durable, and perfect for protecting. The solid gate at the top makes them easy to clip on a bolt without snagging the nose and the wiregate on the bottom provides a nice little notch that helps you smoothly clip the rope (and reduces the weight a little bit).

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