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Black Diamond's FreeWire Quickdraw has two light wire gate carabiners and an inexpensive price tag to keep your harness light and your wallet heavy. The HotWire carabiners reduce flutter as well as weight, and the polyester sling has a StraitJacket to stabilize the rope-clipping biner for even more convenience.


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Great easy to use Quickdraws. These aones are a little heavier than my others but the spring cages are easier to clip in with and they are incredibly strong

Not Half Bad

These were the first quick draws I bought, and it was a bit impulsive but they are a good draw to start with.
To be totally honest there are only 2 things that really stick out about these Quickdraws to me:

1. They are cheap in comparison to other draws

2. They have a wire gate, which makes them much lighter.

With all that said I seem to prefer a solid bent gate, it just feels more comfortable when clipping. Regardless it's a good draw and I wouldn't stick my nose up at it but I like what I like

Hate out!


I 100% trust Black Diamond products for rock climbing. You can really feel the quality in the quickdraws which helps give peace of mind when climbing up the rock. You know that if you take a fall, it’s going to catch you. Plus, they always have cool colors and a sleek design.

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