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Protect your gear while keeping your crampons close-at-hand with the Black Diamond® crampon bag.


Justin Megan

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Nothing technical, just does it's job!

High Level Review: The black diamond crampon bag is a classic. I’ve used it for 5 years now, and it is still in great shape. The bag is mesh on top and heavy duty nylon, and in my 5 years, I have not managed to puncture it, even after stepping on it a million times in the crampons that it normally carries.

More detailed review: This is the only crampon bag that I own. Not that I think it is much better than others, it just happens to be what I bought on a whim. A crampon bag is a must, it keeps your pack neat and organized, and more importantly, keeps your crampons from stabbing things that it shouldn’t.

There is nothing technical about the bag, just works well. One note though, the material does have a funny texture, so if you are sensitive to weird texture, this might be a bit much to handle. I have a thing with texture, and thinking about it makes me wince a bit. Obviously, it is not bad enough to make me want to give up it :)

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