Roxy Ann 15 Down Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15 Down Sleeping Bag Reviews

Designed for women who are not willing to compromise on comfort or performance, this generous 3-season sleeping bag offers plenty of room so you can settle into that perfect sleeping position.

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Roxy Ann rox my camping world

I love Big Agnes sleeping bags. They’re super soft and comfy and I love the fact that you can zip them up with a another sleeping bag with the zipper on the opposite side for the nights you want to cuddle with your partner. The Roxy Ann down sleeping bag is light weight and easy to compress when packing it in my backpack.

The sleeping bag has held up in weather as low as 30ish degrees F. If it gets below that, it gets pretty chilly even though it’s rated for 15 degrees. I usually carry an extra liner if I know I’m going to be camping in weather that’s lower than 30F or put hot water in a Nalgene at the bottom of my bag.

One of my favorite features is being able to stuff the sleeping pad into the compartment attached to the sleeping bag so when I toss and turn, I don’t fall off my sleeping pad. There’s really not much material on the bottom of the sleeping bag where the sleeping pad can get stuffed into. Perhaps why I don’t think it keeps you warm below 30F.

Say goodbye to old systems

This sleeping bag is awesome! My husband and I got matching his and hers for our wedding presents. The way the sleeping mat slips into the bag is so convenient. The worst part of camping was falling off the sleeping mat while sleeping. This new system works so well!

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