Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad

Big Agnes Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad Reviews

You can have the most comfortable pack in the world, but your back's still going to be a bit knackered after trekking fifteen miles with a forty-pound bag strapped to your posterior. However, thanks to the Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad, you're able to comfortably simmer down and snooze peacefully when you finally crawl into your tent after a full day on the trail.

Designed to offer personalized cushioning, this insulated pad features a high-volume valve and micro-adjust air pressure button that, when combined, assure quick inflation. A generous dose of synthetic insulation makes this pad capable of dealing with temperatures down to fifteen degrees, so you won't have to spend your night hugging a warm bottle of water during those late fall and early spring trips.Additionally, the minimalist-yet-rugged I-beam construction keeps this sleeping pad's weight to a minimum, but without sacrificing durability in the process.

Product Reviews

This airpad is very comfortable. It is a little heavy - I am looking to upgrade to a more lightweight pad for future long hikes - but it kept me comfy during my entire thru hike of the AT. I never had a leak and it held air perfectly for the entire 7 months. It kept me up off the ground and warm during a blizzard in the smokies, and was easy to blow up with the help of the big Agnes "blow bag" which I had. FYI it is pretty loud when you move around on it. We used to call it "The Big Agnes Symphony" in shelters if there were a few BA pads set up lol. That and it's weight would be the only cons I have.


I have this in the wide version and I love it. It's easy to I flare and deflate. It has the perfect cushioning for side sleepers. I'm a hefty person at 230 lbs and my hips never hit the ground in this. the wide is perfect for tossing and turning.

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