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Balanzza Ergonomic and Digital Luggage Scale Reviews

The Balanzza Ergo is a step forward in digital scale design. With no handles, the scale itself is the grip. It is the first scale that is horizontally positioned instead of vertically, offering the most natural way to lift heavy objects. The screen is located on the upper side of the scale so the user can see the weight while lifting it with one hand. The user can also wait for the beep and set it down if lifted with 2 hands.

Its ergonomic shape lets you lift the objects easy and with less stress to your hands. The Balanzza Ergo patent pending process of lift, wait for the beep, and set it down, makes it the most easy to use scale in the world. Use it at home to weigh your children’s backpack, or the holidays gifts you are planning to ship, or that occasional parcel that needs to be sent. Make sure to bring it with you on your trips so you are safe from the overweight luggage fees. Even use it at the office for those small and medium size packages that need to be weighed before shipping

In addition to these differences, the Balanzza Ergo has the same durability, strength and features as its original predecessor the Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale.


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One less thing to stress about at the airport

I have a fear of arriving at the airport with overweight luggage. I've seen other traveled surprised by the weight of their bags frantically struggling to jettison enough items to avoid the fee. This scale is the perfect solution! It lets me quickly and easily know exactly how much my bag weighs. It is also compact and light, easily fitting in my backpack. I wouldn't travel internationally without it.

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