Elektra Access Snowshoe

Atlas Elektra Access Snowshoe Reviews

Allowing you to maximize your natural gait on rolling and uneven terrain, the Access and Elektra™ Access deliver comfort and confidence to its wearer, thanks to a heel-lift bar, Wrapp™ Trail binding, and Light-Ride™ Suspension.

Product Reviews

1 word —> Amazing!

I love these snowshoes. The Elektra Access Snowshoe - 1 word —> Amazing. I bought them in 2014 and they have yet to let me down! So easy to put on and take off. Heel lift bar = lifesaver!! Don’t buy snowshoes without one!
I wish this app was around when I first bought snowshoes. I started out with (Tubbs frontier) that I disliked. Total waste of money. They were constantly falling off and very difficult to use. But they were my first snowshoes so I didn’t know what to buy. They lasted 3 weeks until I got so frustrated I bought a brand new set (The Elektra Access).

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