Stephani H.

Stephani H.

Full time explorer and a full time Mom in the rainy Pacific NorthWest.


Portland, Or

Products I Love

REI Kingdom 6 Tent

REI Kingdom 6 Tent My Review

Best tent ever

We bought this tent seven years ago when we had one kid. We’re still using it with three kids and two dogs. There’s even space to spare!

REI Camp Stowaway Low Chair

REI Camp Stowaway Low Chair My Review

Best Chairs!!

We just bought these chairs and they are awesome. Super easy to use and very light to carry. They work great for adults and kids to sit in. Buy these you won’t be disappointed.

YETI Tundra 65 Cooler

YETI Tundra 65 Cooler My Review

Colder then Cold

I bought this cooler because I love white water rafting and we needed something that could keep our food cold. This cooler worked perfectly.

Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15 Down Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15 Down Sleeping Bag My Review

Say goodbye to old systems

This sleeping bag is awesome! My husband and I got matching his and hers for our wedding presents. The way the sleeping mat slips into the bag is so convenient. The worst part of camping was falling off the sleeping mat while sleeping. This new system works so well!

Kuhl Flight Fleece Jacket

Kuhl Flight Fleece Jacket My Review

Best jacket ever!

I got this jacket as a Christmas present and it’s my favorite jacket. This jacket has a huge collar which blocks wind and cold during the coldest Oregon days. My favorite part of the jacket is the big pockets on the bottom of the jacket and the big pockets on the top of the jacket. I’ve had this jacket for four years I wear it almost every day in the winter and it still looks great.

Salomon X Ultra 3 Low GTX Hiking Shoes

Salomon X Ultra 3 Low GTX Hiking Shoes My Review

Arch Support!!

I just bought my second pair of these babies. I originally bought them as a hiking shoe but quickly fell in love with them as an every day shoe. I live in the Pacific Northwest where the element of rain is common and these are my go to everyday shoes. One last thing is the tread on the bottom of the shoe is amazing when I am hiking in these I never slip. Truly an amazing product!!

Camp Chef Explorer Two Burner Stove

Camp Chef Explorer Two Burner Stove My Review

Better then my stove at home!

We got the stove for camping with her three kids. It’s been amazing to use the griddle in the morning to make a big breakfast of pancakes eggs and bacon. This stove works better than my stove at home it heats up faster and it’s super easy to clean. The best part is how well it packs up into such a small space. I recommend this trip for large groups.

ENO Double Nest Hammock

ENO Double Nest Hammock My Review

Best swing ever

We bought this hammock for camping little did we know our kids would love to use it as a swing! It’s super easy to put up and packs up very compact. Best of all it will keep your kids engaged and entertained while you make dinner.

TAXA Outdoors Cricket Trailer

TAXA Outdoors Cricket Trailer My Review

Golden Tent

We bought a cricket because we wanted a simple trailer we could take anywhere. That’s exactly what we got! I love the cricket and the layout of the beds especially the two crows nest for the kids up above. We never use the kitchen instead we used it as counter space for our bags, clothes and such. The only thing about the cricket is it only sleeps four and now we have three kids we’re a family of five and it’s a bit too tight. But for two people or three people the cricket is an amazing trailer. The funniest thing about it was every time we went camping people asked us if we made it. Having at cricket means you’re part of a special little family.

Yakima SkyBox 16 Carbonite Cargo Roof Box

Yakima SkyBox 16 Carbonite Cargo Roof Box My Review

Just like Mary Poppins bag!

We got this box because we couldn’t fit all of our stuff in our car with our three kids and our dogs. It’s amazing what we can fit in this box! The best part of having a box on top of the car is that we can just leave all of our gear on the car and have it when we go to parks.

ISLE Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board

ISLE Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board My Review

Folds Down

We go to the lake a few times each summer and wanted to be able to paddleboard but also wanted something that was inflatable for space saving. This product met all of our standards.

BOB Revolution Stroller

BOB Revolution Stroller My Review

3 kids and 7 years still going strong

This stroller is one of the most amazing pieces of kid equipment I’ve ever purchased. Like the title says we’ve had it for three kids and going on seven years and it’s in great shape. Not just great shape but it looks like it’s just been gently used. Which is far from the truth. The BOB stroller is a work horse! Hikes, camping, airplanes, off roaring at a moments notice this stroller can do it all.

Kelty Noah Tarp

Kelty Noah Tarp My Review

Easy to use and packs well this tarp has coming in handy so many times. I’m a mom out three little people and we’ve been able to make shade almost anywhere we’ve needed it. We bought this for a trip to Joshua Tree national park but have used it camping, by the river, and on the beach. It’s a must have.

AZCAMP Collapsible Silicone Camping Bowl

AZCAMP Collapsible Silicone Camping Bowl My Review

Space saver

I bought these bowls because our kitchen is small and I needed some extra bowls. These bowls are amazing exactly what I needed.

Sorel Out n About Slippers

Sorel Out n About Slippers My Review

Walking on a cloud

Sorels have my heart. They are all around the best winter shoe. These shoes aren’t super hardcore as far as winter shoes go, but they are great for a mild winter shoe.

Sorel Out n About Boots

Sorel Out n About Boots My Review

At the moment in my life I am mothering 3 small children, managing 7 rentals and doing it all in the rain. So, you can imagine the pace of my life. Things are happening at a quick pace. These are my go to winter shoes. Everyday shoes! If you live in a place like the Pacific Northwest these shoes will make your winter so much more enjoyable.
Do it!
Just do it!

A la Nike.

REI Camp Bed Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

REI Camp Bed Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad My Review

Best Nights Sleep

This sleeping pad has totally changed my mind about air mattress. We use to use air mattresses for camping but after trying this pad I’m a convert. The pad has some kind of memory foam on both sides so it’s super plush and when sleeping on your side (I’m a side sleeper) your hip doesn’t touch the ground. I used this pad while camping 7mo pregnant and I slept really well.

Questions I've Answered

Cory B.  Cory B.: Can I get this in different colors?
Stephani H.  Stephani H.: I think the new Cricket is in Silver. Looks pretty cool. We love our Cricket!!

Cory B.  Cory B.: Can I tow this with my Subaru?
Stephani H.  Stephani H.: You can! It’s super easy to connect, our 6 yr old loves to help.

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