Sarah H.

Sarah H.

I am an obsessive organizer with very little patience for inefficiency, so having gear that is easy to use and highly functional is of the utmost importance to me! I am passionate about compartments 🥰. My favorite activities are hiking and camping with my husband and my sweet pup, Indiana Bones 🐶. When I find a product I love, it brings me great joy to share it with others! ♥️


Portland, OR

Products I Love

Patagonia Black Hole Cube

Patagonia Black Hole Cube My Review


Such a great bag!

Jansport Cool Student Backpack

Jansport Cool Student Backpack My Review

It’s a classic for a reason!

What can you say about a classic! This jansport has been with me through thick and thin. There are SO. MANY. COMPARTMENTS. Almost, dare I say, too many compartments lol. I took this on a recent trip to Mexico going through security at the airport was rough because I left toiletries in like 3 of the 17 different compartments. I do love that there are reasonably sized pockets on the sides for water bottles, it seems like that's hard to find these days.

Hydro Flask 40 oz Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle

Hydro Flask 40 oz Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle My Review

This is the best water bottle!! Keeps drinks cold for a crazy amount of time. Only downside is that is a little bit heavy due to the “double walled insulation”.

Ritual Essential for Women Vitamins

Ritual Essential for Women Vitamins My Review

Makes it easy to stick to a routine

Ritual is a great company, and a great product. I've taken a lot of supplements in my lifetime, and never really knew exactly what I should or should not be taking. Having a daily supplement that I felt confident was really covering all my bases was a huge relief, and now I don't take like 15 pills every morning lol

Dripkit Pourover Coffee

Dripkit Pourover Coffee My Review


This kit is absolutely amazing. I took some with me on a trip to Iceland last year where I took a road trip around the country in a camper van. This was the perfect way to make sure I Had coffee every morning!

Outdoor Voices 7/8 Springs Leggings

Outdoor Voices 7/8 Springs Leggings My Review

Perfect for hot yoga!

These leggings are the best! Perfect for yoga as they have a lot of compression and structure with just enough stretch. They don't slide down, and are high waisted enough for me to feel comfortable wearing them with just a bra. I wear them to hot yoga regularly and they never show sweat! I would recommend sizing up if you don't want them to be super tight.

Nike Free Flyknit Running Shoes

Nike Free Flyknit Running Shoes My Review

Great for low impact activity

These are my absolute favorite sneakers. It's like walking on clouds! They're so comfortable, really easy to slip on and off, and really cute shoes. Wouldn't recommend for anything besides casual activity as they don't provide a ton of support, but they're great for running errands and low impact activity.

Soylent Cacao Meal Replacement Powder

Soylent Cacao Meal Replacement Powder My Review

Perfect meal replacement powder

I love Soylent! I've tried the powder as well as the pre-made drinks, and I prefer the powder because you can A) add it to smoothies and B) control the taste based on how much you add. I've tried the Cacao and the Vanilla, and prefer the Cacao. It's a totally mild taste, isn't chalky or gross at all, and isn't overly sweet like I find the pre-made drinks to be

Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker

Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker My Review

Great smart watch

I've tried a ton of fitbit products, and found this one to be super complicated! It's great if you want a smart watch that tracks a ton of activity statistics, and you want to see you calendar/notifications/etc on your wrist. I just wasn't really looking for so many bells and whistles. I do like that the watch face lays flat on your wrist and doesn't get in the way during activities, it just ended up being more than I was looking for

Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Jacket

Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Jacket My Review

Perfect 3 season jacket

Love my better sweater! This is the perfect 3 season jacket, as you can wear it on it's own in the spring and wear as a layer or with layers in the fall and winter. Love the arm pocket, and the other pockets are super deep. I don't love the higher neck, but that's just my personal preference.

Outdoor Voices Athena Crop Top

Outdoor Voices Athena Crop Top My Review

Pretty good, not ideal for larger chests

This crop top is pretty good, but not my favorite OV product. The two things I don't love about it is the band at the bottom is kind of small so it digs in a little bit, and it's definitely not ideal for larger chests because the fabric curves in a lot from the armpits. Super cute and good fabric, but it's definitely made for a specific body type (not mine!)

Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker My Review

Perfect for limited tracking

I've tried multiple fitbit products, and this one is my favorite. It has all the functionality of the smart watches without the bells and whistles. It's easy to read, easy to setup, and unobtrusive enough during activities to be comfortable.

Stance Stance Calamajue All Mountain Socks

Stance Stance Calamajue All Mountain Socks My Review

Keeps you warm, tight around the calves

These are great, thick socks that keep your feet warm and fairly dry, but I found them to be pretty snug around my calves and not very stretchy

Blaq Pak PDX Bike Bag

Blaq Pak PDX Bike Bag My Review

Absolutely perfect bike bag

This bag is utilitarian and perfect. Side water bottle pockets fit even a 32oz hydro flask, one big zippered pouch in front helps keep things organized, and the roll down Velcro top ensures that even when biking in the rain, everything’s dry inside

Ora Organic Green Superfood Powder

Ora Organic Green Superfood Powder My Review

Best added to smoothies, very “green” taste

This is a great drink powder full of the good stuff I don’t always get in my diet on a daily basis. It has a generally mild flavor but it’s definitely “green”. It doesn’t mix very well in water, but at least for me that makes it seem extra organic lol. I usually use a blender bottle or mix into my smoothies.

Sorel Joan of Arctic Snow Boots

Sorel Joan of Arctic Snow Boots My Review

Worth the price!

So glad I finally pulled the trigger on this purchase. I’d had these boots in my cart for months but didn’t want to spend the money But I’m so glad I finally did. These boots are so so cute, comfortable and functional. They keep my feet warm and dry, have good grip, and are my new favorite winter/fall boots

care/of Personalized Vitamin Pack

care/of Personalized Vitamin Pack My Review

Great design and customer service but...

Unless a vitamin/supplement makes me sick, how can one really tell if they’re working?? I love care/of for potentially the wrong reasons: the website interface is beautiful and easy, the design of the vitamin packs helps me remember to take them, and the idea of it is great. So...who knows, they’re worth a try!

Herschel Little America Backpack

Herschel Little America Backpack My Review

Great schoolbag, not so great for biking

This backpack is really comfortable to wear (great cushioning on the back and straps), but it just doesn't have enough compartments. There are no side pockets for a water bottle which is a HUGE problem for me on a bike! There's a pocket inside for your laptop, but that's it.

Fitbit Ionic Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Ionic Fitness Tracker My Review

A little much

This is a great smart watch with a million functions. If you’re looking for something to track a thousand things, and you’re wanting to have workouts, music, Bluetooth etc then you’ll probably like it. For me it was just too much. I prefer to just track steps, heart rate and sleep, so the Alta HR is my preferred device

Patagonia Tres 3-In-1 Parka - Women's

Patagonia Tres 3-In-1 Parka - Women's My Review

Been my go to for years

This has been my go to winter/fall jacket for years. Being able to just use the waterproof outer layer in the fall/spring and then zipping the extra layer on when it gets colder makes this jacket worth the price! Great, flattering fit AND keeps you warm and dry

Specialized Alibi Sport Bike

Specialized Alibi Sport Bike My Review

Best bike ever!

I LOVE THIS BIKE. My favorite thing is that the tires are solid, meaning they can never go flat. The seat is super comfortable, and it's also just a super stylish looking bike. 10/10

Salomon Hime Mid LTR CSWP Snow Boots - Women's

Salomon Hime Mid LTR CSWP Snow Boots - Women's My Review

Really comfortable, unfortunately not very waterproof

These boots are SO comfortable, so I was disappointed to discover that they're not particularly waterproof. Good for cold days, but would not recommend them for super slushy or snowy activities

Sorel Caribou Boot - Women's

Sorel Caribou Boot - Women's My Review

Cute and functional!

These boots are awesome for running around the city during the winter. Definitely waterproof and keep my feet super warm. Can't attest to any hiking or adventuring in them, but can say they're my go to for light activities in the winter

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Gym Bag

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Gym Bag My Review

Everything I've ever wanted and more!

I'm obsessed with everything Dagne Dover does, and I'm thrilled with their whole neoprene collection. This bag comes in 4 different sizes, and I've got two of them! I use the large landon for gym and weekend travel. My favorite thing about this company is COMPARTMENTS...SO MANY COMPARTMENTS. This bag has 4 inner compartments for storage, and a key chain leash that's amazing. It's really cute, high quality, and washable which is awesome for a stinky gym bag!

Thousand Heritage Bike Helmet

Thousand Heritage Bike Helmet My Review

Cute and comfortable

This helmet is really comfortable, breathable, and cute. I know that’s not the main function of a bike helmet but it’s a nice bonus!

Outdoor Voices FreeForm 7/8 Hi-Rise Leggings

Outdoor Voices FreeForm 7/8 Hi-Rise Leggings My Review


These leggings are the best!

Vega Protein + Greens Protein Powder

Vega Protein + Greens Protein Powder My Review

Good ingredients but too sweet

I like the Vanilla flavor

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