Rima M.

Rima M.

As most people in Colorado I love the outdoors, but I haven’t always been physically able to partake in all the activities. I have cystic fibrosis which is a chronic lung disease. I recently got a double lung transplant and am now able to be outside as much as possible. I just tried snow shoeing for the first time this past winter and I also did my first 14er this July!


Aurora CO

Questions I've Answered

Tim C.  Tim C.: Hey all! I'm currently trying to decide between the Pocket Rocket and the Jetboil flash system. What made you choose this one over the jetboil? Have you tried both and found one to be better than the other? Is the pocket rocket better suited for a particular type of trip? Thanks so much!!
Rima M.  Rima M.: Hey Tim!
The reasons I chose the Jetboil over the MSR pocket rocket is because I felt It was faster and easier to use. It comes with a container that attaches to the unit. But you can also use It without that cylindrical pot connected and have a bigger pot sit on It.
It also comes in an insulated sleeve so It makes pouring the water quick and easy without burning yourself. There’s a heat changing flame on the side which indicates when the water is boiling.
I haven’t used the msr pocket rocket since I got the jetboil!

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