I am a Canadian girl living on the east coast, in the summer you will often find me in the water, hiking, camping, off roading or paddle boarding with my golden retriever Tide! In the winter I love to hike with my pup, but prefer to sleep inside... Canada gets cold😉


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Products I Love

Blundstone Super 550 Series Boot

Blundstone Super 550 Series Boot My Review

Excellent boots

I wear these all the time and love them! They are great in the winter because the sole is thick enough to keep the cold from the ground out! I wear them all year round! They are my go to boot!!

Nasty Body Wipes Biodegradable - No Rinse Sports Cleansing Towel

Nasty Body Wipes Biodegradable - No Rinse Sports Cleansing Towel My Review

Refreshing wipes!

I’m in the military and my fiancé got me these for the field portion of some courses I did! They worked very well!

They are also perfect for hiking/camping!

EcoTek Outdoors Hybern8

EcoTek Outdoors Hybern8 My Review

Excellent sleeping mat

Great little mat, my fiancé and I bought them for back country camping and were very pleased with our purchases. You need to know one thing about me, I am a finicky sleeper, and I slept well with this mat and that says a lot about the product. We put them in our sleeping bags with us and I slept well. I did not wake up sore. I did find it got cold one of the nights we were using them as it was raining and damp I found my mat was cold, but it makes sense, that is not a design flaw; I just put on a sweater and went right back to sleep. I highly recommend this mat it is the perfect size to hike with!

Unigear Waterproof Pouch Bag Dry Bags Sack Waist Strap

Unigear Waterproof Pouch Bag Dry Bags Sack Waist Strap My Review

Great for SUP Boarding

Works well, no complaints. I take it on my paddle board and it keeps my things dry

Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack

Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack My Review

Cozy Sleeping Bag

We got these off amazon after researching sleeping bags for camping. They did not disappoint I am in the military and a lot of my friends also are, we are trained to wear the bare minimum while sleeping outside I recommend doing that in this bag as I find it very warm and it reduces sweat! I have only been cold in this bag one time, and it was pouring rain and very damp. I put on a long sleeve shirt and warmed right up! I believe part of the problem was that me sleeping mat, which was in my bag also got cold from the dampness.

We have two of these bags for my fiancé and I and we both like them!

Sometimes I like to snuggle up in this bag on the couch in the winter months when I’m cold and don’t need to turn on the heat.

MEC Camp Pillow

MEC Camp Pillow My Review

Amazing camp pillow!

There is a combination of air you blow in and squishy foam. I originally bought it while going on a military course to take to the field, because it’s so small when it isn’t inflated; but I ended up using it every day while on course because the pillow on my bed was terrible. This pillow is great for being in the field/camping, using while traveling, and in a bed of your really stuck!

Fun fact you can have it as soft or firm as you like based on how much you inflate it.

Gerber Dime Multi-Tool

Gerber Dime Multi-Tool My Review

Great little tool!

Picked it up before going on course, it never hurts to have a little tool in your pocket! I also like to take it hiking or camping. I love the little scissors, the knife blade is great, and so are the tweezers, but I had to google how to find those hahah.

Ephram Lightweight Outdoor Portable Folding Camping Chair

Ephram Lightweight Outdoor Portable Folding Camping Chair My Review

Great chair for back country camping!

I ordered this chair on amazon after checking out the expensive models at Atmosphere, I was not disappointed! My fiancé ordered the larger one for himself, this chair holds up to 220 lbs, but I wouldn’t challenge it, I am 150 and it is a perfect suit for me! Based on the Specs of the chair my fiancé could use this size but opted to order the larger one for his own security. It straps to the bottom of a ruck perfectly!

Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Bluntnose

Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Bluntnose My Review

Gerber Tool

This is the same model used by the Canadian Armed Forces, except it is black. It meets my needs! It’s really just a bigger better version of my dime! This one does not stay in my pocket, although it could if you wanted too. I prefer to keep it in the sheath for my SOG Seal Pup, as there is a pocket on the front which it fits in.

SOG Knives Seal Pup Knife

SOG Knives Seal Pup Knife My Review

Great knife !

I got this knife after my fiancé had one for the last 5 years in the Canadian Navy. It’s light, and has a nice grip. I like how the sheath has a spot to hold my Gerber as well.

Bright Blue Reinforced Double Layer 11'6" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Bright Blue Reinforced Double Layer 11'6" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board My Review

Amazing SUP Board

I love my paddle board, my only complaint is that my pump came in damaged and the company didn’t respond to my inquiries about fixing it. I am still able to pump it up so I didn’t continue to attempt to contact them.

I absolutely love this board, it had brought my friends and I a lot of enjoyment, I have had 4 people and my golden retriever on this board, and it stayed afloat but was just below the water so it will hold a lot, all of us together probably weight 600-700 lbs.

I find the board very sturdy, and it’s not that heavy. Sometimes I take it hiking to very remote lakes to board in the quiet, I would buy this board again for sure!

Takeya Insulated Stainless Water Bottle with Insulated Spout Lid, 40oz

Takeya Insulated Stainless Water Bottle with Insulated Spout Lid, 40oz My Review

Favorite water bottle!!

I’m one of those people who drink a lot of water... like A LOT! So this bottle is my favorite! I originally I got a two pack of these at Costco for $19.99. I loved it so much, that after my fiancé backed over it with our Jeep, that I got a replacement off amazon. The best part about our wrangler rolling over this was that it just dented the bottle and it totally still worked to hold water, but it lost its magic cold powers. So I got a new one and it is still going strong. I had them both for over a year. The original one kept ice all day until it got ran over. The replacement is now a year old and it still keeps everything cold, I put ice in it in the mornings and usually fill it 5/6 times a day. Providing I put cold water in with the ice I will have ice until the end of the day. This is my favorite thing, it literally goes everywhere I go, and it gets lots of use! This one has a bumper and an insulated lid, these two things are really cool. The bumper is my favorite addition as the bottle can be really loud when you set it down or it it hits something. I appreciate the efforts made to made my massive water bottle less obnoxious 😂

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