Luis S.

Luis S.

I love the outdoors and am very passionate about using every chance I get to explore the world and see and do everything I can along the way. Running, trail running, and hiking, are what I live for! I take my training for each very seriously as each is intertwined with one another to provide the best terrain to achieve my goals. In the last 5 years, I've run 11 marathons and a few other smaller runs both locally and out of state. This includes the Big Sur Marathon, San Francisco Marathon, St. George Marathon, and of course, the LA Marathon x5 running! I've also had the pleasure of running a few half marathons in National Parks such as Yosemite, Zion, and Joshua Tree.

Aside from running (and trail running) I've had the pleasure of visiting and hiking at some great locations, some on the more scenic side like the Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii, Havasupai in Arizona, and the Mighty 5 in Utah, but also a few of the more challenging hikes like Mt. Whitney, Mt. Langley, Half-Dome and Clouds Rest in Yosemite.

Visiting and exploring National Parks is something I enjoy doing as well. The aforementioned Yosemite, Joshua Tree, The Grand Canyon, Utah's Mighty 5, Saguaro National Park, all great sites to visit! So much to see and do, endless hiking trails everywhere.

Looking forward to future trips to Machu Picchu and Mt. Kilominjaro some time in the near future. In the meantime, I'll continue to do alot of my training and hiking in my the local backyard of Southern California. The Six Pack of Peak Challenge and the 52 Hike Challenge serve as inspiration and motivation to live in the outside world.


San Pedro

Products I Love

Salomon SpeedCross 4 Trail Running Shoe - Men's

Salomon SpeedCross 4 Trail Running Shoe - Men's My Review

A must for trail runners!

Tried a couple trial running shoes, but these are easily my go-to pair for trail running on any terrain! Stylish shoes with great grip. The SpeedCross 4 have a comfortable fit and are very light weight, essential features for hiking long routes as well.

On the downside, the grip tends to break off easily over a short period of time, so don’t look for a pair to last longer than a year depending on the amount of mileage you put on them. Im still not a fan of the lace-lock system, but it beats having to tie your shoes ever so often with normal laces. Overall, a great buy if you find a pair on sale under $100.

Questions I've Answered

John H.  John H.: This jacket looks awesome, but is it really worth the price? Was there another jacket you considered that was cheaper and close in quality?
Luis S.  Luis S.: Hey John, this Jacket is definitely worth the price. In terms of quality and feel, it definitely ranks up there in terms of comfort, mobility, and (light) weight. I believe Black Diamond had something similar, but the price was pretty comparable. Most reputable brands have about the same price point for this type of jacket so the best advice I can give you is to get one on sale, as Andrew has stated above. I got mine at last year's REI labor day sale and couldn't be happier. Black Friday/Christmas sales are right around the corner...

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