Laura P.

Laura P.

USPTA certified tennis pro, former collegiate athlete. Adventure mama, hiker, anything outside!


Saint George, Utah

Products I Love

Danner Adrika Hiking Boots - Women's

Danner Adrika Hiking Boots - Women's My Review

Birthday present

These boots look sweet with the tan leather and red lace combo. I got these as a birthday present from my husband and was hesitant to rely on these boots for longer and more demanding trails due to various reviews I had read online about them... so these boots were my “backup pair” in case my main pair got wet or broke.. which happened on a 5 day backpacking trip in Escalante, UT and forced me to wear these for the better half of the trip. Not only did these boots keep up with the hiking, but my feet were comfortable (or as fine as they can be after 5 days of hiking). I’d give this Danner Adrika hiking boot a solid A on both style and fit.

Deuter Aircontact 50 + 10 SL - Women's

Deuter Aircontact 50 + 10 SL - Women's My Review

my first very own backpacking pack!

I love to take backpacking trips and up until recently always borrowed someone else’s pack, hesitant about making that “big purchase” (because we all know the best backpacking packs are usually at least $200). I went to REI thinking I’d just get an Osprey pack as I’ve heard amazing things. But cool thing, at REI they take the time to have you try on all the brands so you get the right backpack specific to your body and needs. Comfort and utility. I have a longer upper body and shorter legs and stand at an average height of 5’5”. This pack instantly felt perfect. No digging into my hips, felt balanced and stable, and I have support all the way down my back and in my shoulders. Not only does it fit me as perfectly as a backpack can, it looks awesome. I got the maroon/purple colored pack and it came with a yellow flower which I thought was a nice touch. The size is great. 50 +10 which means it’s 50 but can expand if you need that extra room. Highly recommend!

Chaco ZX/1 Classic Sandal - Women's

Chaco ZX/1 Classic Sandal - Women's My Review

First time Chaco wearer, and now forever.

I’ve resisted Chacos, Tevas, any kind of sandals for so long, but finally jumped on board. I customized myself a pair of the regular width, size 8, ZX/1 classic sandal. You can you literally customize every single part of the shoe (even with your own personal images!!) including the plastic buckles and foot pad area. Anyways, even after receiving the shoes I was reluctant to put them on. But after I did, I’ve literally worn them every day. They look sweet and they are literally the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. I hike in them, go to the lake with them, walk around the neighborhood and run errands in them.. I’ve even got tan lines from them. I’m forever a Chacos fan, these are my first of many. HIGHLY recommend.

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