Kylee A.

Kylee A.

Colorado native currently living, canoeing, hiking and camping in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Finding what's within by going outside.

I find that when you're faced with the decision of what really matters in life, the answer is usually pretty simple. Sometimes you have to get outside, and let things go, to find out that you already have more than enough.


Springfield, MO

Products I Love

Exped Mega Mat Duo 10

Exped Mega Mat Duo 10 My Review

Exped: Game Changer

A friend of mine told me she bought a new camp pad. “Come try it out,” she said as she unzipped her tent. I wandered over and plopped down. “It’s an Exped Duo Mat,” she said. Let’s suffice it to say that after lying down, I went home and immediately ordered one for myself.

I will say, as with all air mattresses, the Exped is a little fussy. It takes a little effort to deflate and pack away. It’s fairly large, so you have to account for a lot of gear space. But the comfort makes it worth it.

My only grievance would be that after just a few trips, I found it leaking air. Not sure where or how to repair it, I sent it back to Exped to have it repaired by the pros. They patched two puncture areas and sent it back in a timely manner. The Exped team was extremely helpful and communicative. A+ for the customer service experience.

After getting my Exped back, it has been the most comfortable and reliable camping mat I’ve ever purchased. If you’re car camping or canoe camping, it’s worth the extra gear space and weight to carry. The older I get, the more I appreciate a soft camp mat.

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