Kirsten Krogh H.

Kirsten Krogh H.

I love living my life outdoors. I kayak, camp, hike, trail run and am passionate about finding new motifs for my landscape photography.



Products I Love

Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights - Women's

Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights - Women's My Review

Worth it

To be honest I've seen these and always thought they were a waste of money. But I recently did the West Highland Way in Scotland and the conditions were very wet every day and quite warm some days, my fjellräven trousers were not right for those conditions. I randomly found the thigts at half price and realised the pockets and the bum/knee reinforcement - they are proper outdoor gear, not overpriced sport's tights. I got these half price, but I am seriously considering getting another pair, even if I do have to pay full price for them.

Starboard SUP Paddleboard

Starboard SUP Paddleboard My Review

Ray of sunshine

I have an inflatable starboard. The Tikhine Sun. It's a stable board and there are faster boards out there, but I love it. I kayak and have a sprint kayak I can use for going fast. My SUP I can deflate and take with me on the bus or the ferry and widen my paddle water without worrying about getting a car and trailer. And I do love the colour of my Tikhine Sun. It brings me joy every time I take it out!

Osprey Tempest 40L Backpack

Osprey Tempest 40L Backpack My Review

This beauty has been with me in very wet conditions on the West Highland Way in Scotland. Yes it has gotten a little muddy, but it has kept up! There are the right pockets and the netting is great for stuffing your hat or raincoat.
The size is very versatile. It's big enough for you to actually carry your gear like jetboil compact sleeping bag etc., but it's also small enough to work as a day bag with dry socks, a woollen jumper and some lunch and snacks ☺
When it's only half full the two clips on the front are a little anoying - you unclip one meaning to unclip the other... Not a real issue.
I would like it to come with the build in rain cover as so many Ospreys do, but you can just carry a detached on - just have to remember it ☺

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