Kendra S.

Kendra S.

Currently based in Central Ontario, I run camping and backcountry hiking trips for groups of strangers!

I'm about Bagging Peaks, Crushing Miles, Getting out on the Water and being outside more hours a day than in!


Toronto Ontario, Canada

Questions I've Answered

Blair Z.  Blair Z.: I'm looking around a few different filters, wondering what made you choose this one over other brands like Sawyer or CNOC? Have you had experience with multiple types of filter systems? How does this one compare?
Kendra S.  Kendra S.: Hey Blair!

I have the Platypus Gravity Works 4.0L and the Sawyer Squeeze, and have a lot of experience with using just chemical treatment as well so hopefully, this answer helps you!

I LOVE The Platypus Gravity when I'm running groups. I can set and basically forget it and its easy for group members to grab what they need. It falters a little when water sources are low as filling the "dirty" bag works best from a moving water source (stream, brook etc), or something like a lake.
The backflush is easy to use while backcountry and you don't need an extra tool along for it which is nice.

That being said - Its a lot for one person. I'd recommend this product for groups of 4+.
If you're going alone, or 3 and under, a Sawyer will work just as well.

If you're hiking alone the Platypus is a bit bulky. Also not great for cold weather.

Let me now if you have any further questions?

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