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Josh A.

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Products I Love

Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool with a Damascus Steel Blade

Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool with a Damascus Steel Blade My Review


I am in love with this knife. It is made with Damascus Steel which means it holds an amazing edge for a long time! Comes with pliers, screw driver and attachment, carabiner clip and pocket clip. Super slim and such a great knife construction. Highly recommend!

Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire My Review

Awesome Fire Put For Gatherings

My go to for gatherings! What better way to bring everyone together over a nice night with a warm farm that puts out no smoke once fully lit and leaves hardly any Ash when burnt out! Awesome awesome awesome!! I've had my Bonfire for about 2 years and no complaints.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Jetboil Flash Cooking System My Review

Coffee on the Fly!

This brings 36 degree water boiling in about a minute flat if not less. The whole system packs into itself so it's easily stored. Great for water, soup, coffee and eggs! The fins on the unit make it virtually wind proof. Great fall/winter gear!

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier My Review


This is exactly what you get when you buy this awesome gem! Holds just enough wate and is easy to fill with a simple scoop, press and drink! I've taken mine to Mexico, D.R., Brazil, Hondorus, Jamaica and Haiti! Each filter is good for like 200-500 presses depending on the type of filter you get.

Eddie Bauer Microtherm 2.0 Stormdown Jacket

Eddie Bauer Microtherm 2.0 Stormdown Jacket My Review

Never Disappoints!

This jacket has been all over North America! I love that it is A) warm and can be used in layers B) packable and fits into its own pocket C) water resistant D) lifetime warranty!!! I wear it hiking, snow shoeing, and overall trekking all over! Highly recommend this beauty.

Vibram V Trail Runner - Men's

Vibram V Trail Runner - Men's My Review

Such a Diverse Finger Shoe

I wear these awesome shoes when I know there might be some water in the adventure. I go Cliff driving, hiking, Vacationing and light trail running with these bad boys. They have just enough grip and are easily dried. No need for the finger sock (in my own opinion) some people swear by them. Think of another pair as they are so awesome and color schemes are awesome as well!

Merrell Crestbound Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot - Men's

Merrell Crestbound Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot - Men's My Review

Best Boots I've ever owned

The title says it all! I take this on long 15-30 mile hiking/camping trips. Great for late summer into winter trekking. I wouldn't suggest them for the hot hot Summer but definitely after that first heat wave of 100+ degree weather. Light and waterproof but thick enough that if you wear a good pair of Marino wool socks you'll be warm in 15-20 degrees I've worn them in lower temps but I have great socks to pair them with!. Highly recommend.

Thermarest ProLite Sleeping Pad

Thermarest ProLite Sleeping Pad My Review

Go to Sleeping Pad

This is my go to Sleeping pad for backpacking and trying to keep my pack light! The best part about this pad besides it being light is that its comfortable and durable. When I get equipment I want to make sure I have a sound investment. This definitely makes the cut.

Stanley Camp 24oz. Cook Set Stainless Steel

Stanley Camp 24oz. Cook Set Stainless Steel My Review

Such a Versatile Set

I am a chef and I tend to always pack this set because it's endless when it comes to uses. I can make eggs, soup, stew, steam, vegetables. Great heat retention and super easy to clean.

Fiskars X7 Hatchet, 14-Inch

Fiskars X7 Hatchet, 14-Inch My Review

The Destroyer!

Such a great reliable hatchet! From kindling to Small logs this slays through it all. I've had my hatchet for about 5 years and only sharpened it once.

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