Casey J.

Casey J.

I am a modern day gypsy with a passion for art, travel, fitness, and food! I’m always looking for adventure and to encourage/teach others how to get out there and travel.


Portland, OR

Questions I've Answered

Sarah H.  Sarah H.: Do these pants have any extra reinforcement in the knees? Have they been fairly durable? I've had a lot of stretchy pants like these that rip easily due to the stretchy material. Hoping to find a good pair of durable AND stretchy pants for hiking!
Casey J.  Casey J.: I agree with all the other comments! I’ll add, that I have them rolled up to around the knee and buttoned 95% of the time. So that is probably helping them
NOT busy out at the knee. Also, I love them so much I wore them all summer, while working in Alaska. Plus, I recently arrived back home and I bought a 2nd pair of them.

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