Billy C.

Billy C.

I love spending time with awesome people outdoors. I have found that most of my most valuable friendships have come from outdoor experiences. I’m currently building out an adventure Tacoma to take on my adventures!

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Five Ten Rogue Lace-Up Climbing Shoe

Five Ten Rogue Lace-Up Climbing Shoe My Review

Climbing feet

Love love love these shoes. I actually opted for the Velcro version as i frequently put on and take off at the climbing gym, however i have heard the lace up is just as great—I’m just a little lazy.

These were my first pair as they are great beginner shoes as they don’t have such an aggressive arch—which typically takes climbers a little more time to get used to as they get better they can fit to more aggressive shoes. Sizing about .5 to 1 full size down is recommended as climbing shoes typically are recommended to fit snug on you. I have retired these to my outdoor climbing shoes as I love the comfort and the rougher rock texture outdoors have an adverse effect on the soles. Again, great as you transition from beginner to outdoor climber!

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler My Review

Are you ready for the Yeti?

I  love this cooler! I  will definitely admit they are on the pricey end of the spectrum, however they live up to the hype and are well worth the investment.

The 45 is great for weekend getaways and typically are able to keep ice and perishables in good order for about 2-3 days--on the tail end of the 3rd day you start to see the ice diminish. I would also note no more than about 3 days of goodies can fit in here especially if you save room for some IPAs. I  imagine the larger volume coolers that hold more ice could easily go a bit longer.

The Yeti does great withstanding higher temperatures as I  am an Arizona native and can attest to the Yeti working in more extreme conditions.

Pro Tip: I  bought some cheap NSR straps and some mounts from Home Depot and mounted this in my truck bed. You can feed the NSR straps through the side panels of the cooler for the more rowdy days on the dirt trail.

Tough to bite the bullet on this purchase but it truly is an investment for life.

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 90L

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 90L My Review

Lost in space

The Black Hole is no joke. This is my go to duffel for camping and travel for the following reasons:

•Water Proof
•Rad style 
•Fits a ridiculous amount of clothing, shoes and toiletries.

Aside from functionality, I’m a pretty socially responsible consumer—so the fact that Patagonia uses recycled material and maintains a private stake in their company makes me a loyal consumer.

I’ve been rocking my black hole duffel for about 5 years now and it shows very little signs of wear and tear and I  certainly put it through the elements. Patagonia is known for their quality, truly a bag you can’t go wrong with and is applicable for so many situations.

Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Insulated Hooded Jacket - Men's

Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Insulated Hooded Jacket - Men's My Review

Perfect for those snow bird days

My go to hoody. 

This is my favorite jacket to date. If I  could customize a jacket to fit my body this would be the jacket. This jacket is literally the “Jack-et” of all trades.

The back of the this hoody is ventilated and aerated keeping you cool on those snowbird days. Its great for using as a layer in colder conditions and equally as great when its a little brisk out and your doing any physical activity.

My favorite part of this hoody is the fact that the exterior is so soft and not bulky at all. I    recommend washing in cold water and air dry to ensure it lives a long and happy life. 

The Nano-air is a form fitting jacket and contours the body nicely. It has thumb holes and  sleeve cusps outfitted in a durable material that can withstand frequent thumb usage. I    wear a medium and I ’m about 5’10 and 165 lbs.

Brooks England B17 Narrow Bike Saddle

Brooks England B17 Narrow Bike Saddle My Review

The Brooks brothers of Bike Saddles

Perfect saddle for your steed. 

I  run this saddle on my gravel bike but would recommend it for all less aggressive riders/bikes. This is the type of saddle that only gets better with time (like a fine wine) as the leather gradually gets worn to the contour of your Arse. 

Keep in mind when riding you want to make sure the bony part of your glute sits on the wider most part of the saddle and you’re not slipping in either a forward or backward direction. If you feel yourself adjusting frequently during the ride try adjusting the angle of the saddle. 

For optimal result continue to moisturize the leather with leather ointment to ensure it lives a long and healthy life.

Salomon S/LAB Sense 7 SG Trail Running Shoes

Salomon S/LAB Sense 7 SG Trail Running Shoes My Review

Great shoe!

The shoe runs true to size and has great grip on the sole for trail or wet/snowy conditions. It’s equipped with a quick pull lacing system that allows you to tighten effectively and take off easily when you just had the run of your life.

I find these to be very comfy and highly durable. I would recommend these to an avid trail runner or outdoor enthusiast.

Keep in mind due to the soles traction it’s not the best for running on the pavement.

Five Ten Freerider Shoe - Men's

Five Ten Freerider Shoe - Men's My Review

Best alternative if you don’t want to clip in

Pair these with some nice platform pedals and you’re in good shape my friend! I recently grabbed a pair of these and haven’t looked back to clipping in on the trail. They are stiff, super tacky and have no articulation or movement when you’re riding, it’s the closest thing to being clipped in.

When I recently looked into a new shoe for mountain biking I inquired with an mtb group who unanimously voted this as their go to shoe and I can see why. It’s comfy and offers amazing support on the trail.

Honestly, this shoe alone will improve your riding ten fold. It allows you to stay engaged on the uphills and keeps you tight when sending it down the mountain. I ran about a half size up in this shoe.

Hydro Flask 22 Oz. Tumbler

Hydro Flask 22 Oz. Tumbler My Review

One of my many

Love hydroflask!

This is probably 1 of my 8 iterations of this container.

Great quality, vacuum sealed, great exterior texture and best of all keeps my coffee hot and my water cold or vice versa.

Must have for camping as it has so many uses!


ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer My Review

Ride faster

Most bike computers do the job, but I have found that this one is the most simplistic, ergonomic for all weather conditions and easy to navigate while riding.

Where some other bike computers lack are they come touch screen which makes it hard for rainy conditions or gloves.

Comes with 2 different mount setups (one for my mtb and one for my road).

Overall was drawn to the simplicity, capability, great battery life and functionality while ride. Also, easy to extract data from this comp.

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR My Review

Do it all watch

Great watch if you want a jack of all trades functionality.

Water proof, heart monitor and GPS. Bought it mainly for the variety of exercises that coincide with the inputs.

Watch head and strap are super comfy, I prefer this over the Fenix as the Fenix Watch Face was a little to big for my liking—seemed a little bulky for doing physical activity. The Spartan has a medium sized watch face which is nice.

Biggest downside: the brightness on this watch is kind of dim which is functional and works just fine—but would like to see a little more visibility on this guy.

Overall, for me it was more cost effective and fitment was more ideal than the Fenix. If you’re considering this watch you have probably considered the Fenix, consider what functions/fit are non-negotiable and go from there.

Empire ACC Road Bike Shoes- Men's

Empire ACC Road Bike Shoes- Men's My Review

Cycle more

Great cleats, i ended up getting the flyknit ones which have comfort like regular shoes but are nice and stiff when you need to put the pedal to the metal.

Do pretty well in the rain, however the biggest selling point for the fly knits was cycling in the heat. Very breathable.

NEMO Galaxi 2P Tent

NEMO Galaxi 2P Tent My Review

Best tent I have ever owned! Going on 2 years and still standing strong to the elements. The Galaxi is super light (5-6lbs) for backpacking trips and has incredible livable space for car camping. Can fit 2 people plus a Black Lab!

Set-up: 2-4 minute bag to build time thanks to pre-bent poles and intuitive tent design. This tent comes standard with a Footprint for extra protection, which is typically an after thought or an added cost for most tents on the market.

Birch Leaf color makes for amazing photos with illumination in the tent. Ask me about manual settings on your DSLR Camera and don’t forget your tripod!

Black Diamond Momentum Harness - Men's

Black Diamond Momentum Harness - Men's My Review

Climbing undies

Been climbing about 3-4 years and still have not had to replace this harness. Great for outdoors and in the gym.

Have not come across many harnesses that I’m not a fan of, however this one appealed to me as it is widely used and cost effective.

NEMO Helio Pressure Shower

NEMO Helio Pressure Shower My Review

Shower on the go

I love Nemo, currently an ambassador for them. Any who, I am cause i fully support their products.

This is a great product with a variety of uses, cleaning dishes, showering, hosing off a mtb or pup, etc. It has so many day to day uses beyond camping, I highly recommend it.

Keep in mind it is a hand pump so the pressure lives up to that functionality. It gets the job done and is very useful however it’s not going to have the same capability as a faucet.

Easy, quick to use and gives off good water pressure for the circumstances.

Eureka Spire LX Camp Stove

Eureka Spire LX Camp Stove My Review

Food maker

This stove is visually appealing and functionally great. I have owned the camp kitchen iteration and was not as pleased. The components of this work flawlessly and it has rad color options.

Other stoves on the the market typically warp with heat or the folding metal sheets down mesh well with the cutouts. This one fits the bill and doesn’t have you settle for a less than ideal forest kitchen.

Santa Cruz Chameleon 27.5+ D Complete Mountain Bike

Santa Cruz Chameleon 27.5+ D Complete Mountain Bike My Review

Santa Cruz Chameleon

Best hard tail I have ever owned. Pressure down tires to ~17PSI and this dream stead handles like a full suspension.

Great bike for beginner/intermediate but a blast for everyone. I love the way the 1x handles and how responsive this bike is. More advanced riders will feel like it’s not the most nimble due to the width of the 27.5+ tires (2.8inches) but I love this bike. If possible and in your budget spring for the upgraded model with the Fox Float and dropper post. Or add later on! Either way a blast to ride.

POC Octal Helmet

POC Octal Helmet My Review

Octal - Road Cycling

I actually prefer the octal over the tectal in terms of comfort, aeration and weight. Overall this is the best helmet I have ever owned across the board. Medium has a nice range of adjustability and this helmet runs true to size.

Sometimes I forget I’m wearing it—it’s that great.

POC Tectal Helmet

POC Tectal Helmet My Review


Huge fan of POC. This Helmet is breathable, light and comfortable. The best kind of helmet is one that is scientifically proven to protect your noggin and not feel like you’re wearing one.

Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Hitch Rack

Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Hitch Rack My Review

Great bike rack! Sturdy, light and easy to take off and put on. Comes equipped with a tailgate lock and cable bike lock.

NV is compatible with most bikes, however I have a 27.5+ MTB and the 2.8 inch tires don’t quite fit in the tire trays without struggle.

Overall, great bike rack. Definitely get what you pay for.

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