Ashley K.

Ashley K.

Hi! I’m Ashley. A nurse and lover of everything outdoors! Originally from Northwestern Ontario. I moved to BC in 2017 and I love it here! I spend most of my days off hiking/backpacking. I encourage everyone to get outside. I’m always pushing my limits and getting out of that comfort zone!


Vancouver BC

Products I Love

Osprey Sirrus 50 Pack - Women's

Osprey Sirrus 50 Pack - Women's My Review

So many compartments - 50L

This bag is great. Has so many compartments. Whistle on the chest strap. Hip pockets that fit your phone or other things you may need accessible. Airspace back panel. It is the perfect size for me. If I would have gotten a bigger pack, I would pack a bunch of unnecessary things. It’s specifically designed for a woman’s body. My boyfriend switched me packs as mine is bigger/heavier and he couldn’t carry it. The shoulder straps are too close together for a mans body.

Atlas Elektra Access Snowshoe

Atlas Elektra Access Snowshoe My Review

1 word —> Amazing!

I love these snowshoes. The Elektra Access Snowshoe - 1 word —> Amazing. I bought them in 2014 and they have yet to let me down! So easy to put on and take off. Heel lift bar = lifesaver!! Don’t buy snowshoes without one!
I wish this app was around when I first bought snowshoes. I started out with (Tubbs frontier) that I disliked. Total waste of money. They were constantly falling off and very difficult to use. But they were my first snowshoes so I didn’t know what to buy. They lasted 3 weeks until I got so frustrated I bought a brand new set (The Elektra Access).

Osprey Tempest 20L Backpack

Osprey Tempest 20L Backpack My Review

Surpassed the test of time!

I purchased this pack in 2013 and I still use it on every single day hike. This pack has been all over the place. It’s even gone swimming with me! It has the right amount of pockets, a whistle built into the chest buckle, and enough space for all your gear. It has a spot for a hydration pack and padded hip belt. It also has the airspace panel on the back that allows your back to breathe! It is made for women! I would 100% purchase this bag in the future. <3 <3 <3

Marmot Women's Minimalist Gore-Tex Jacket

Marmot Women's Minimalist Gore-Tex Jacket My Review


I’ve never owned a rain jacket prior to this one. But I don’t think I would buy anything different. This jacket is one of my best accessories and I take it with me on all my outdoor adventures. It keeps me dry during Vancouver’s crazy rainy season. Provides the perfect amount of warmth and wind protection for those day hike summits! Has zipper pockets and pit zips!! It also rolls up really small so it doesn’t take up a ton of space in your pack. It is a bit pricey. But definitely worth it.

LifeStraw Go Filtration Water Bottle

LifeStraw Go Filtration Water Bottle My Review

The best water bottle!!

I’ve tried many different styles of water bottles and Lifestraw’s Go Filtration Water Bottle is my all time fave. I love that I can fill it up in the back country. No need to carry a heavy water supply for backpacking. As long as you have a water source this is all you need to stay hydrated. I originally bought it for my boyfriend because he always finishes his water and taps into my water supply when we’re hiking. This way he can refill as needed. But I loved it so much I got one for myself! It’s the perfect size and even has a clip to attach to the outside of your bag. It’s great for everyday use. Highly recommend for all! :)

Black Marlin First Aid Kit (350 piece)

Black Marlin First Aid Kit (350 piece) My Review

Loaded with the essentials!

This first aid kit is loaded with all the essentials. As a nurse, I am often the person bandaging people up when they get injured. It’s great for outdoor adventures or even to keep in your vehicle. I purchased it a few months ago and already had to use it twice. When you’re in the back country it’s so important to be prepared for the unexpected. This kit is perfect for all first-aid needs and it’s easy on the bank account!

lululemon Speed Up Tight 28" Full-On Luxtreme

lululemon Speed Up Tight 28" Full-On Luxtreme My Review

Wear these everyday!

I absolutely love these tights! I have at least 5 pairs of them. They’re moisture wicking. I wear them all year round. They come in a range of colours. Cost about $120 CAD. My favourite feature is the side pockets! Perfect for your phone or other things you need access to right away and don’t want to put in your pack. I’ve seen some reviews of people claiming they are see through. They’re not. If you get the right size they shouldn’t be. If you buy them too small you stretch the fabric out too much. Ask a store associate to help you find the right size for you. I will buy these until the day they stop making them. 100% recommend.

Buff Lightweight Merino Wool Headwear

Buff Lightweight Merino Wool Headwear My Review

So many uses!

I have 3 of these! They come in so many awesome colours and patterns. They’re great for all seasons. I wear it as a headband in summer or to keep the bugs off my neck. I wet it on those hot summer days to help keep me cool. Great for winter also - keeps your neck/head warm. I’ve worn mine as a neck warmer, hat, headband, and around my wrist. There are so many different ways they can be worn. Don’t leave home without one!

MEC PackTowl Personal Towel

MEC PackTowl Personal Towel My Review

Packs up so small

These towels are the best! They pack up so small. They come in a few different sizes. I have the beach size(largest). It comes with a bag to put your wet stuff in if you don’t have time to dry it out. I LOVE the water and I frequently go swimming in rivers or lakes while hiking/backpacking. Gone are the days of carrying a big bulky beach towel!!!
**Make sure you wash with like colours the first few times just to be safe. When I purchased it the reviews on MEC stated that it may “bleed”. I’ve never had any issues though.

RioRand 4 Piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit

RioRand 4 Piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit My Review

Compact. Light weight. Affordable.

This set is compact. Light weight. And affordable. It came with the mini stove. I only had to purchase the fuel canister. The smaller pot acts as a lid and it heats things up in under 2 minutes. My only con about this set was the rubber on the handle melted a bit from the heat.

RioRand Mini Backpacking Canister Stove Burner

RioRand Mini Backpacking Canister Stove Burner My Review

Perfect and affordable!

This little stove is amazing. I was hesitant as I purchased it on amazon. But it passed the test. Works great. Is super compact and it came with 2 pots for under $30. I have hummed and hawed about which stove I was going to buy as many are above the $100 mark. This set is perfect and I would highly recommend to all. If I need. I will definitely be purchasing this again in the future.

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