Amy L.

Amy L.

I am extremely passionate about the outdoors. I currently work at Winter Park Ski Resort where I get to be outside almost every day. Growing up in New Jersey, the outdoors weren't a huge part of my life. As I got older and started to venture out more often, I realized there is no greater peace than being with nature. This is why I've built my life around adventure and outdoor advocacy.


Grand Lake, CO

Products I Love

Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Jetboil Flash Cooking System My Review

Bubble, Bubble, Boil No Trouble

I’m not the first outdoor reviewer who’s reviewed the Jetboil. In my opinion, it’s a must for any camper/ backpacker. We know North Face has a saying, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.” And it’s true! There’s obviously weather you would rather not adventure in, but sometimes you can’t control the weather. Having to rely solely on a fire for a hot meal is a dangerous game. The Jetboil cooking system is small, compact, and lightweight, making it the perfect addition to your backpacking MUST HAVES. Weighing just 13.1 ounces, it hardly adds weight to your pack and can boil water and cook food using very little propane. All of the Jetboil accessories like the skillet and utensil kit allow you to cook a 5-star meal in the middle of nowhere. Pretty neat if you ask me.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Tent

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Tent My Review

Through Hail And Back

I’ve tried several tents, and fell in love with the Hubba Hubba. The first time I ever went backpacking, I put this bad boy to the test. It was the end of July when I took this up to Pine Creek Lake in Montana and encountered a heavy hail storm. As I sat in the tent and listened to the hail, my only thought was, “I sure as HAIL hope this tent holds up!” And it did! Even with penny-sized hail and mild to moderate wind, I felt safe inside this tent. This tent is also extremely lightweight, making an easy addition to my backpacking gear. As I noted with my hail story, it’s very durable, which is awesome seeing as it is so lightweight. My boyfriend and I both fit comfortably in this roomy tent. The tall, vertical walls allow us both to sit up inside, which also makes changing clothes easier than with past tents I’ve used. The rain fly over the tent fits snug on top, but also leaves an overhanging area that’s covered, but not fully inside the tent. This makes for a perfect space to leave dirty hiking boots and packs to make the inside of the tent cleaner and even roomier. I highly recommend this well-built and lightweight tent for backpacking and general camping.

Oboz Bridger Mid BDry Hiking Boot - Women's

Oboz Bridger Mid BDry Hiking Boot - Women's My Review

Smiles For Miles

I’ve had this pair of Oboz going on three years now and let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE these shoes. I have a narrow foot and almost no arches. I collapsed one of my arches as a teenager. Because of this, many hiking boots tend to hurt my feet or cause irritation until they’re fully broken in. From the first day I bought these, they have been nothing but comfortable. They fit to my feet perfectly and never gave me blisters. They’re sturdy, waterproof, and an all-around great shoe. My boyfriend saw how much I loved mine, and bought a pair for himself. I chose to get the mids because I often roll my ankles when hiking. I’ve found that the mid-ankle boot gives me the support I need without feeling restricting. I highly recommend Oboz to anyone looking for a long-lasting, sturdy hiking boot!

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